Truth and Lies


Daniel Ross - Director, Producer, Editor
Daniel put together this project based on the story written by Kelsey Dunlop.
After casting and rehearsals, he organized and directed the production.
For post production, Daniel is editor and FX supervisor.

Elliot Anjo - Cinematography and Lead FX Artist
Elliot joined the project from LA, driving up during the production to light and contribue to the framing with the camera.
During the post production stage of the project, he helps to supervise the visual FX and leads the FX team.

Yarron Katz - Music
Yarron has been part of the production team since its early stages.
In addition to composing the film's score, he has been immensely helpful as a consultant for the creative aspects of the production, from set design to editing.
Located in Israel, Yarron runs a music composition and sound engineering company, Sonic Brilliance.

Kelsey Dunlop - Story
Kelsey wrote the short story Truth and Lies on which the script for the film is based.
She was also helpful during the production in the adaptation phase in keeping the movie close to the original story, in terms of colors, narration and overall feel.

Marie Humble - Aislin
Marie, previously a model, and thirteen at the time of her performance, plays Aislin, a first-time prophet.

Len Pettigrew - Apollo
Len has previously been in 8 seasons of Shakespeare productions and has experience as a professional football player.
He plays Apollo, a long-time prophet.

Judy Thompson - Mother
Judy plays a peasant and Osmond's Mother.

Kevin Giffin - Head Guard
Kevin plays the head guard, in charge of fulfilling King Murron's orders and reporting directly to Mabyn.

Dan Humble - Carriage Guard
Dan plays a guard responsible for escorting the prophets in the carriage on their journey.

John Goldman - Guard
John's guard character must keep the Mother under control.

Tom Syracuse - Guard
Tom's guard character must keep an eye on the proceedings and keep things moving.

Eryka Fraczek - Mabyn
Eryka plays Mabyn, the eldest and most powerful prophet.
Long time servant of the king, she is the deciding factor if there is a dispute.

John O'Brien - King Murron
"Many ages ago, in a land not remembered by many, the powerful King Murron ruled over a vast kingdom.
He did everything in his power to control his subjects and enforced the ideals of loyalty with the principals of the kingdom, justice, and order."